Unlock your partnership potential

Average Revenue
increase when selling to partner customers.
Average Win-Rate
increase when selling to partner customers.
Average Deal Size
increase when selling to partner customers.

Reveal is most efficient way to find the best new partners, save time and boost revenue.

Trusted by over 10,000 companies
Trusted by over 10,000 companies
Data driven
insights are the

secret of growth.

How it works

Automated account mapping

Connect your CRM with companies you work with to see overlapping customers, new leads and the best new partners.

Connect your data source

Securely connect your CRM to your partners via Reveal in one minute.

Access new opportunities

Easily see overlapping customers, potential partner stats, and warm leads.

Drive revenue together

Accurately track partner ROI to prioritize and optimize your partnerships.


your data source

Securely connect your CRM to your partners via Reveal in one minute.


Access new opportunities

Easily see overlapping customers, potential partner stats, and warm leads.


revenue together

Accurately track partner ROI to prioritize and optimize your partnerships.

Fully secure,
no exceptions.

Reveal is fully GDPR compliant, has a 100% exception-free SOC II report and never shares PII data. Our unique features like one-way sharing make us the safest partner sharing platform out there.

Reveal offers
easy integrations
for your teams.

New insights, same tools

Reveal seamlessly integrates with the tools your team already uses. It's compatible with every major CRM software. Get partner news via email, real-time data on Salesforce, or request intros via Slack.

With all the features you’d expect

Account Mapping

Reveal better workflows.

Company A shares their account list with Company B and vice versa. In the past this was done over messy spreadsheets and without data privacy in mind. But today’s partnerships demand more secure and efficient ways to identify overlaps.

The Directory

Reveal new partnerships.

Discover high potential partnerships and gain valuable insights about each company with ease. Filter through ecosystem, business type, and account overlap percentage to find the most promising matches.


Reveal accurate reporting.

Be the first to know when a deal is sourced, or won through your partners’ influence. Track the total pipeline that was generated by your ecosystem and your hard work.


Reveal tailored insights.

Get a weekly digest on relevant updates from key partners. Sales users can also get updates specific to their portfolio of accounts.

Partner Analytics

Reveal your partner program potential.

Easily identify, communicate, and prioritize the value of each partner to streamline revenue operations and get leadership buy-in.

360° Goals

Reveal the full picture.

View your entire partner ecosystem on one screen, in real time. Seeing all your account overlaps and partner stats in one place empowers you to make the best decisions to grow your business.


Reveal more revenue.

Partners can share their customer list with you so you can identify new target accounts for your SDRs or marketing campaigns. Export them from Reveal into other tools in your tech stack.

Partner Signals

Reveal smart prioritization.

Identify conversion-boosting partners to prioritize your accounts. Use Partner Signals to prioritize your target lists of prospects.

Connect, share and see data from partners regardless of which CRM they use with 100% native integrations.
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Reveal bridges the gap between partnership and sales, enabling strategic advancement and maximizing value creation.
Sarah Hertzberg
Head of Partnerships
Reveal lets us transform transactional touch-points into truly strategic relationships.
Teddy Ludmer
Fellow (ODBD1)
Reveal helped increase our pipeline by 40%.
Kalen Kimm
Director, Systems Integrators and Strategic Partners
60% of our new opportunities come from Reveal.
Mathieu Galvani
Channel Sales Manager
We built 32 integrations based on Reveal insights. Using this platform is a no-brainer.
Stanislaw Wasowitcz
Global Director Alliances
Time saver. Quickly identifying the best partners and filtering for events targeting specific industries and locations.
Toni Rothpletz
Director of Partnerships
Easy setup, intuitive UI, built-in pipeline, proactive support. Reveal has it all.
Nick Rouquette
Director of Partnerships
Reveal helps identify live opportunities and find net new business, making it an essential platform for creating more business.
Jan Sonnenschein
Partner Ecosystem Team Lead EMEA North
The Pipeline feature and real-time mapping sets Reveal apart. We can track, measure, focus on high-performance partners, and save time.
Loryn Ferreira
Partnership and Alliances, Manager
Reveal boosts efficiency and automates partner evaluation and account mapping, plus scoping potential partners, demos, and support.
Teddy Ludmer
Fellow (ODBD1)
Partners save time with Reveal's account mapping and targeted opportunity focus.
Daniel O'Leary
Director of Partnerships
Sales and CSM teams love Reveal for its user-friendly interface, secure account mapping, comprehensive partnership overviews, and convenient Salesforce app.
Amaury Besse
Partnerships and Ecosystem
Quickly identify partner reps and account status for proactive strategy creation around new customer signings with close partners.
Steven Partie
Technology Partnership Development Manager
Improved partnership prioritization, retention rates, expansion, and sales team motivation were achieved through insights.
Justin Borja
Head of Partnerships
Ecosystem leads doubled our conversion rates. Thanks, Reveal.
Romain Fernandes Richard
Global Head of Growth
Our conversion from contact to opportunity doubles with leads from Reveal.
Axel Boye
Sourcing Operations Associate
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