Lead Generation: Add-On

Fuel your pipeline with leads from partners

Identify, create, action, and automatically push high-quality new nearbound leads to your Sales team
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40% of your new customers are already your partners’ customers.

New prospects from your ecosystem are 32%+ more likely to close. Infinite opportunities are hiding in your partners’ CRMs—Reveal is how you access them.
Trusted by over 12,000 companies
Partner Analytics

Identify the best new prospects

Reveal analyzes the value of each partnership, helping you prioritize the accounts from your partners with the greatest potential:

  • Find partners with the highest win rates
  • Get the full list of accounts currently living in your top partners’ CRMs
  • Use the Analytics dashboard to communicate revenue opportunities with internal teams
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360° Goals: Lead Generation (AI✨)

Access to leads not yet in your CRM

Get an aggregated list of all new prospects that are customers of your partners and don’t exist in your CRM. Your partner's growth fuels your own!

  • Empower your Revenue teams with New Prospects
  • Automatically enrich lists with fields tailored to your ICP
  • Export enriched lists and upload them to your favorite CRM for your Sales team
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API & CRM Data Package

Automate your growth machine

Automatically and strategically create, nurture, score, and assign new leads.

They drive growth through their partners.

Here’s how our customers generate leads using the power of ecosystem data.
Customers stories

“Payfit sees conversion rates from lead to demo increase up to 60% and the conversion from demo to customer up to 50%.”

Romain Fernandes Richard
Lead  Global Outbound Growth

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Customers stories

“AssessFirst has seen over a 100% increase in lead generation since using the platform.“

François Lehec
Head of Partnerships

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Customers stories

“Over the last couple of months of us using Reveal, we have succeeded at tripling our qualified pipeline!”

Justin Borja
Head of Partnerships

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Customers stories

“Reveal enables our teams to connect the right people and significantly optimizes their workflows for time savings and major improvements in partner-sourced pipeline generation efforts.

Chris Formosa
Head of Technology Partnerships & Cloud Alliances, Global

Bring nearbound into your GTM

Relevant signals from your partners channeled to the right team instantly.
Put inbound on steroids by
identifying the best partners to Go-To-Market with.
Layer nearbound into outreach, prospecting, and qualification to improve lead quality and drive more revenue.
Help Outbound and AE teams crush their sales targets by focusing on the opportunities that are qualified by your ecosystem.
Customer Success
Provide CS teams with ecosystem signals to anticipate churn and detect upsell opportunities early.
Natively integrated with your favorite tools
Exciting news! Crossbeam and Reveal are joining forces. Finally, one network for all of your partners.
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