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Reveal Basics

Is my company eligible to use Reveal?
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Is your company B2B? If so, it is.

What are the key use cases of Reveal?
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Reveal is how Partnership, Marketing, and Sales teams leverage their ecosystem to generate more revenue. In particular through:

- Account Mapping: See where you overlap with partners, and help each other convert overlapping accounts by sharing strategic information and providing introductions to key decision-makers.
- Lead Prioritization: Identify overlapping accounts as a signal of an account's likeliness to buy. The explanation is simple: if a company has acquired a product that is complementary to yours from your partner, then they're most likely to acquire yours. We provide access to that information. Some of Reveal's users have multiplied their win rate x3 by targeting ecosystem leads.
- Lead Generation: Exchange qualified leads. Your partner can send all the accounts they have in their CRM and are missing from yours (and reciprocally). Imagine all the time you'll be saving by gaining access to a high volume of quality accounts for your SDRs.
- Co-Marketing: Choose the right partners for a co-marketing initiative by viewing if your partner targets the same persona and whether there's value in joining forces.
- Tech Integrations: Assess when it makes sense to create integrations with a partner's product by viewing customer overlaps.

Read our case studies to learn more about how Reveal is used.

How does Reveal work?
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Sign up for free. Securely connect your CRM or a CSV file to Reveal. Invite your ecosystem of partners to the platform or connect with the companies we suggest. Instantly start identifying and converting business opportunities within your ecosystem.

What is Collaborative Growth?
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Collaborative Growth is a new software category introduced by Reveal. It relies on two key intentions:

- Collaboration: We believe B2B companies have a lot to gain if they join forces. Collaboration is now everywhere, and it has revolutionized our economy. There's one last area where it hasn't reached its full potential. It's B2B, and we're changing that.
- Growth: Collaboration, yes. But with an ROI. And that ROI is more revenue.

Our software is a Collaborative Growth Platform (CGP), and it enables revenue professionals to leverage their ecosystem to increase revenue growth.

What CRMs does Reveal support?
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We support Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho, Freshworks, as well as CSV files if you don't have a CRM or if you don't want to connect it yet. You can also connect multiple data sources if you're using more than one CRM or if you want to share a specific data set with a partner.

How do I connect my CRM to Reveal?
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Whatever CRM you are using, connecting it to Reveal only takes a few seconds. Pick the CRM your company uses, enter your login information for that CRM, Reveal automatically connects with it. No need to involve your sales ops team in the process. Then, you can define what you're ready to share or create a restricted list before anything happens.

I don’t have a CRM.
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Reveal supports CSV files too. Create a CSV file with the accounts you want to compare, connect them to Reveal, and start mapping opportunities with your partners.

How do I invite my ecosystem of partners to Reveal?
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On your platform's home, click "Invite new partner," add their name, company name, and email address. We recommend that you write a custom message to add a personal touch. Press send. It's done.

I don't have a partner ecosystem yet. Is Reveal relevant to me?
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Reveal has the fastest growing network of B2B companies. If you don't have an ecosystem of partners yet, we will help you build it (for free). Our platform matches you with the companies that can bring the most value to you. Assess your level of synergy in one click before you share your CRM data with them. When you see the right potential, you can decide to start mapping opportunities with them. Our community, "The Society," will also help you get in touch with potential partners through informal online and offline gatherings.

I have some companies in mind I'd like to partner with. How can I know if they are actually a good fit?
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Once you have connected with a partner on the platform, you'll be able to see an overview of what potential exists between your two companies before sharing CRM data. Quickly assess the number of common accounts, prospective accounts, and potential revenue your partner can influence. From there, you're free to move on or decline the account sharing.

I have heard a lot about Reveal and its impact on some companies. I'm just not sure about how I could leverage the platform.
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Reveal enables revenue teams (Partnerships, Marketing, Sales) to accelerate their company's revenue growth based on their ecosystem. Our use cases are numerous. That's why we made case studies. And if you'd like to have a chat with one of Reveal's team to provide some suggestions for the best way for you to leverage the platform for your company, just book a time with us! On the navigation bar, click: "How it works" then "Book a demo," and pick the time of your choice.

Can I connect to more than one data source?
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Yes, you can connect multiple data sources, including CSVs. For example, you can connect both sales-focused sources (such as Salesforce CRM) and more marketing-based sources (Hubspot CRM) for the account mapping.


Do I control what I share with my partners?
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Reveal implemented a 2-step data-sharing process to ensure you share only what you choose to share with your partners.

- Advanced sharing settings per partner
- Private accounts that will not be shared (to any partners or specific partners)
- Disable Account Mapping in one click
- We share only common accounts; you are not going to display the full CRM.

Not a question but - I am afraid to share CRM information with Reveal.
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Reveal platform is constantly being monitored by third-parties services (cybersecurity audit experts) to make sure there is 0 exposure to any known vulnerabilities. Some tools we use that you might have heard of include Intruder, Vanta, and Sqreen. 

We are GDPR compliant and use a high level of Personal Data protection through data anonymization (i.e., "irretrievable encryption") before importing your CRM data into our database. We are also SOC II certified.

How can I ensure that connecting my CRM to Reveal is safe?
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Reveal platform is constantly being monitored by third-parties services (cybersecurity audit experts) to make sure there is 0 exposure to any known vulnerabilities. Some tools we use that you might have heard of includeanta, and Sqreen.

Reveal is also SOC II certified.

Where do you store our data?
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We store the data in a Google data center based in Europe.

What data is imported by Reveal & what is it used for?
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We only import and store the data that is necessary for us to produce matches with your partner's CRM and deliver the service.

How long is customer data retained?
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By default, a customer's data is stored for the duration of his or her contract with Reveal. The data may be, at the latest, deleted within one month after the contract ends, with the exception of data that is required to establish proof of a right or a contract, which will be stored for the duration provided by enforceable law.

Is there an ongoing security awareness and training program for all workers?
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Reveal employees and contractors are provided training on the company's security policies and procedures during their first 30 days of employment and annually thereafter. All Reveal personnel are then required to acknowledge, electronically, that they have attended the training and understand the security policy.


How much will Reveal cost me?
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Only 10 seconds. No, that's not a typo. All you have to invest is the time you might need to add your partners' details so they will receive your invitation.

Our basic plan is entirely free with unlimited partners and account mapping. The reason is simple: we want you to see the value and then invite your partner. Our end goal: build the biggest network of connected companies.

Our paid plan includes additional features such as a Salesforce Widget and reports.

So how exactly do you guys make money?
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We offer a paid plan that allows you to create even more value through your ecosystem, with custom integrations and reports. Don't worry, you won't ever need to move from the Free Plan if you don't need more than the free features.

Why is Reveal free?
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Reveal's mission is to enable every B2B company to accelerate their Growth through connecting and collaborating with their ecosystem. Our aim is to create the biggest network of connected companies by removing every barrier to entry—starting with price.

Read our
case studies

How Quantum Metric rebuilt their partner program.

Head of Tech Partnerships, Jeremiah Daon, and the partnership team at Quantum Metric needed a tool to help rebuild the partner program. After finding Reveal, Quantum Metric’s Partnership team was able to significantly multiply their pipeline by identifying their partner’s presence in their strategic accounts and changed the perceived value of Partnerships to their internal stakeholders.

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