Deal Influencers

In B2B sales, knowing the right account to prioritize is crucial, but knowing who the right contact is will get you over the line.

Partner presence is key, but how do you ensure you're contacting the right person?
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Win rate boost
when partner is present.
Win rate boost
when a partner deal influencer is present.

Direct in Salesforce

Leveraging the power of nearbound to introduce Deal Influencers: a new report for Power plans using Salesforce to manage their CRM.

Direct in Reveal

Deal Influencers is available in Reveal for all workspaces. Take your search to the next level by applying filters to discover these primary contacts in Account Mapping and 360° Goals on Reveal.

Contact Identification

Quickly and accurately identify right contacts with the greatest potential to close deals. Focus your energy where it truly matters, making your sales efforts more efficient and effective.

Verify Your Contacts

Make informed decisions and approach your prospects with confidence. Quickly see whether your primary contacts are endorsed by your partners from previous closed-won opportunities.

Effective Outreach

Supercharge your intro request with Reveal Engage by connecting with the right contacts at the right time. Focus on exactly where they can make the most impact.