Lesson one
5 minutes


Whether you're building a new partner program or want to make sure you're following the latest and most efficient ROI tracking techniques, you'll walk away feeling prepared and ready to show your exec team that you're the company's hottest asset.

You’ll learn:

  • The top KPIs that every partnership professional should be measuring
  • How to use a Partner Scorecard
  • Tips to nail your internal reporting and next Quarterly Business Review

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Hello intrepid Partnership professional, welcome to the first learning path of the newly opened Collaborative Growth Academy.

Let’s take a look at the typical lifecycle of a new partnership.

The stages of a partnership lifecycle

  • Identify partners: Researching who has potential synergies, and  reaching out or sending meeting invites
  • Present program and sign an Agreement: Presenting your partner program details to a select few partners, and signing the partnership Agreement to seal the deal
  • Partnership kickoff: Starting the partnership by making the relevant introductions across both teams, agreeing on mutual goals and the meeting cadence. Defining the joint value proposition, joint activities, and timeline
  • Account Mapping: Find customer overlaps, using spreadsheets of an account mapping platform
  • Shortlist accounts: From account mapping, you would have identified some opportunities where you partner could help to either source an opportunity, or influence an opportunity
  • Co-selling: If you have a CRM, this is where partner managers usually add opportunities to CRM and edit the partner fields. Reporting to the business. Sales engagement
  • QBR/ABR: Reflecting back on the progress of the partnership with a business review on a quarterly or annual basis

Why measure partnership success?

So you’ve kicked off the partnership with enthusiasm and high hopes, you set your mutual goals, do account mapping and shortlist some lucrative co-selling opportunities...

But when asked by leadership, “How are partnerships impacting our business?”, not every Partnerships professional can confidently answer this all-important question.

That’s why we’re doubling down on this topic—to equip you with the fundamental knowledge and the tools to understand what partnership ROI actually means.

Dan Stephen from Amplitude says it best:

Dan Stephen, Director of Partnerships at Amplitude

Expanding on Dan’s point further, here are some of the key challenges you might be faced with today:

  • Partnerships professionals time and time again are in a constant battle to prove the value of their function with their internal stakeholders
  • Partnership KPIs are different from the sales teams’ metrics, and can vary depending on the type of partner relationship or the goals of the partnership
  • Partnership professionals are often wondering: How do I start prioritizing the partners that I work with? What are the most common and most useful parameters to evaluate partner performance?

We’ll address these challenges and more in this learning path. And show you how other experienced partnership professionals approach partnership success in their companies.

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