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Why is your ecosystem the best buying signal?

It’s the not-so-secret hack to surface your best leads. What if you knew that your prospect was an existing customer of another company with a complementary product/service to yours? That’s just the buying signal you needed to know they would be a good lead to approach. Not to mention, leads from your ecosystem have on average 43% higher win rates. We call it an ecosystem signal, and it’s the most powerful signal around.

How Reveal helps you prioritize leads

Thanks to your ecosystem signals, Reveal shows you which accounts are worth focusing on to increase your win rate and deal size. Use second party data from your ecosystem to prioritize and score your accounts more accurately for your sales teams. Benefit from the latest intel from the partners who are closest to your prospects to get a clearer picture of who could be your best targets, especially when you are entering new markets.


How do we work out which leads have the highest potential? Based on your CRM’s history, our AI engine analyzes all the customers you have closed more business with on average and the partners aligned to those high return customers.

Reveal then predicts your chances to convert more of that specific partner’s customers in the future—simple as that.

Remove the blindspots in your CRM and fill in the gaps. Reveal the fields that exist in your partner’s CRM and missing from yours to learn more about your customers and prospects. 

And the more partners you connect with, the clearer you see how your ecosystem is distributed across your accounts and the easier it is to determine which accounts are worth pursuing.

By default, Reveal is GDPR compliant and will not share sensitive contact information. So you can rest assured that your data is safe with us when sharing entire account lists.

No need to overshare to get things done. Customize what data and how much data you want to share with partners—including any custom fields.

See it in action for yourself.

Ecosystem leads doubled our conversion rates. Thanks, Reveal.
Romain Fernandes Richard
Global Outbound Growth Lead at Payfit
60% of our new opportunities come from Reveal.
Mathieu Galvani
Channel Sales Manager, Spendesk
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Why is Reveal free?
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Reveal's mission is to enable every B2B company to accelerate their Growth through connecting and collaborating with their ecosystem. Our aim is to create the biggest network of connected companies by removing every barrier to entry—starting with price.

How can I ensure that connecting my CRM to Reveal is safe?
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Reveal platform is constantly being monitored by third-parties services (cybersecurity audit experts) to make sure there is 0 exposure to any known vulnerabilities. Some tools we use that you might have heard of include Intruder, Vanta, and Sqreen. 

We are GDPR compliant and use a high level of Personal Data protection through data anonymization (i.e., "irretrievable encryption") before importing your CRM data it into our database. We are also SOC II Type 2 certified.

How do I connect my CRM to Reveal?
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Whatever CRM you are using, connecting it to Reveal only takes a few seconds. Pick the CRM your company uses, enter your login information for that CRM, Reveal automatically connects with it. No need to involve your sales ops team in the process. Then, you can define what you're ready to share or create a restricted list before anything happens.

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