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Your ecosystem is the best source of new ultra-qualified leads—with a 43% increase in average win rate.

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What is an ecosystem qualified lead?

Ecosystem qualified leads or EQLs refer to net new leads coming from your ecosystem partners—they are a game changer for marketing and sales teams. EQLs yield 43% better win rates and can increase the size of your deals by 41%.

This is because getting qualified leads from your ecosystem can either open the door to previously unknown prospects, or move along an existing opportunity with a target account. Good EQLs become partner-sourced opportunities, which means more revenue coming in.

How Reveal generates new leads

Connect with companies from your ecosystem on Reveal, and watch qualified leads flow in. Identify ecosystem players with a strong presence in your key markets, connect with them on Reveal and exchange leads securely and instantly. See which accounts exist in your partner’s CRM, but don’t exist in your CRM; from there you decide which ones should be. They’ll send you new qualified leads, you’ll do the same. We call the joy that you, your partners, and your SDRs will feel collaborative bliss.


Gone are the days of relying on in person events and webinars for fresh leads. 

Generate a list of quality leads on Reveal for your sales teams to go after. We show you the accounts that exist in your partner’s CRM but don’t exist in your CRM—all you have to do is export the list to your CRM and let your SDRs work their magic. The more partners you invite to Reveal, the more quality leads you can receive.

Leads from Reveal are ecosystem qualified leads, which produce on average up to 3X higher win rates, and with Reveal it’s 100% free to access them.

Exchange CRM data with your ecosystem to generate high potential leads, and improve your sales hit rates to the point they will shout, “It’s raining qualified leads.”

By default, Reveal is GDPR compliant and will not share sensitive contact information. So you can rest assured that your data is safe with us when sharing entire account lists.

No need to overshare to get things done. Customize what data and how much data you want to share with partners—including any custom fields.

See it in action for yourself.

Our conversion from contact to opportunity doubles with leads from Reveal.
Axel Boye
Sourcing Operations Associate, Spendesk
Ecosystem leads doubled our conversion rates. Thanks Reveal.
Romain Fernandes Richard
Global Outbound Growth Lead at Payfit
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Why is Reveal free?
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Reveal's mission is to enable every B2B company to accelerate their Growth through connecting and collaborating with their ecosystem. Our aim is to create the biggest network of connected companies by removing every barrier to entry—starting with price.

How can I ensure that connecting my CRM to Reveal is safe?
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Reveal platform is constantly being monitored by third-parties services (cybersecurity audit experts) to make sure there is 0 exposure to any known vulnerabilities. Some tools we use that you might have heard of include Intruder, Vanta, and Sqreen. 

We are GDPR compliant and use a high level of Personal Data protection through data anonymization (i.e., "irretrievable encryption") before importing your CRM data it into our database. We are also SOC II Type 2 certified.

How do I connect my CRM to Reveal?
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Whatever CRM you are using, connecting it to Reveal only takes a few seconds. Pick the CRM your company uses, enter your login information for that CRM, Reveal automatically connects with it. No need to involve your sales ops team in the process. Then, you can define what you're ready to share or create a restricted list before anything happens.

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