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How Lucca Harnesses Partner Potential at Scale with Reveal

''We decided to use Reveal in building our ecosystem mainly because it allowed us to evaluate business potential. This involved conducting a pre-qualification interview at the beginning with potential partners, which required them to connect to Reveal. Reveal helps us assess whether there are enough common customers, new opportunities, and prospects within our partner network.''
Alexis Jully
Partner Development Manager

Unlocking Partner Potential and Streamlining Integration

Lucca is an HRIS company specializing in developing innovative SaaS solutions tailored to optimize administrative and HR operations. They provide simple answers to specific needs: leave and absence management, expense reports, dematerialization of HR files, online payslip distribution, and time tracking. Lucca has grown to serve over 6,000 clients and 1.5 million users with 12 different software solutions.

In this era of oversaturation, assessing partner potential, building a thriving ecosystem, and tracking influenced deals can be complex challenges. However, Alexis Jully, Partner Development Manager at Lucca, embarked on a journey to overcome these challenges and enhance partnership success. Alexis and his team at Lucca transformed their partner development strategy by using Reveal, the Nearbound Revenue Platform designed to provide insights, enhance visibility, and streamline partnership processes.

Assessing partner potential

Before incorporating Reveal into their workflow, Lucca faced several challenges. One major hurdle was the difficulty in assessing partner potential accurately. Many partners were unaware of the common customers they shared with Lucca, making it challenging to determine the extent of collaboration needed. Additionally, cold introductions between Lucca's Sales and Partner teams were often time-consuming, with Alexis serving as the intermediary.

Building a thriving ecosystem

Lucca had a vision of expanding its ecosystem by opening its APIs, allowing companies to integrate their tools seamlessly. This decision attracted numerous partners looking to connect with Lucca's vast user base. However, identifying common opportunities among partners proved challenging without knowing their shared customers.

Tracking influenced deals

Lucca's partnership strategy focused on tracking both sourced and influenced deals. Initially, they only monitored sourced deals, where a partner directly pushed a deal to Lucca. However, they recognized the importance of tracking influenced deals, especially in scenarios where partners had a stronger relationship with potential clients.

Leveraging Reveal for Transformation

Lucca's journey to transform its partnership strategy led them to Reveal, and the platform played a pivotal role in their success.

By integrating Reveal into their partner assessment process, Lucca could evaluate the business potential of partners effectively. Partners were required to connect to Reveal, allowing Lucca to assess common customers, opportunities, and prospects accurately. This initial connection served as a Nearbound indicator of whether further collaboration was viable.

Reveal's capabilities allowed Lucca to grow its ecosystem significantly. Through pre-qualification interviews and Reveal's insights, Lucca identified partners with the highest potential for synergy. This approach reassured partners about the safety of the platform and the protection of their data.

Reveal's Pipeline feature has shown great potential in helping Lucca to track influenced deals effectively. This means recognizing situations where partners played a significant role in closing deals even if they weren't the direct source. This level of visibility highlighted the value of strong partner relationships.

Pipeline Dashboard on Reveal

The Added Nearbound Benefits

Since integrating Reveal into their partnership strategy, Lucca has also witnessed the following significant improvements:

  • Expanded ecosystem: Lucca's ecosystem has grown considerably, with 15 out of 60 integrations facilitated through Reveal in just eight months.
  • Streamlined integration: Reveal's integration with Salesforce has improved Lucca's daily workflow. Sales teams can access crucial partner-related information directly within Salesforce, helping them close deals faster.
  • Improved collaboration: Lucca now has a more structured approach to collaborating with partners, particularly in influencing critical deals. Monthly pipeline reviews with premium partners are more effective thanks to Reveal's Pipeline capabilities.

Lucca’s partnership journey showcases the transformative power of Reveal in enhancing partner development. By using Reveal to assess partner potential, expand their ecosystem, and track influenced deals, Lucca has achieved remarkable success in building strong and fruitful partnerships.

Lucca, a leading mid-market company, specializes in developing innovative SaaS solutions tailored to optimize administrative and HR operations. With over 5,300 clients and an extensive user base of 1,100,000 individuals, Lucca is at the forefront of revolutionizing how businesses manage their workforce.
Main Challenges
Lucca faced challenges in assessing partner potential, building an ecosystem, and tracking partner-influenced deals.
Key Results
Thanks to Reveal, Lucca has significantly enhanced its partnership assessment, expanded its ecosystem with 15 integrations in the last eight months, streamlined Reveal’s integration with Salesforce for more efficient workflows, and improved collaboration, particularly in influencing critical deals during monthly pipeline reviews with premium partners.
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