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Action Nearbound data with the HubSpot Widget

May 17, 2023

In this blog we’ll discuss: 

  • The importance of Nearbound data 
  • The benefits of using Nearbound data in tandem with our HubSpot App. 
  • How to action Nearbound data with our HubSpot widget 

As someone working in a GTM team, you know how crucial it is to have accurate and up-to-date data. The more you know about your prospects and customers, the better you can tailor your messages and close more deals. 

That's why leveraging the new Reveal HubSpot Widget can be a game-changer.

It creates a single source of truth that empowers Sales teams to track and leverage partner overlaps on key accounts in your HubSpot account.

With the HubSpot Widget, Reveal’s Pro and Power communities can: 

  • Get valuable intel that helps close larger, open deals (35% faster!)
  • Encourage collaboration and alignment of internal teams
  • Increase customer adoption and expansion for better retention
A product snapshot of the HubSpot widget in your CRM
Reveal’s HubSpot Widget overview

The HubSpot Widget: Ready, Set, Action Nearbound Data 

The HubSpot widget displays which of your partners have listed the company as a customer or as an opportunity. 

Now you and your GTM teams can see partner data in your source of truth (your CRM), and directly request an introduction/intel from their Partnership Manager for a specific company. 

You can integrate Nearbound intel to source a deal with their prospect or to speed up and close an open deal

How to Action Nearbound Data

The HubSpot Widget is designed to streamline your partnership management and enhance collaboration with your partners—maximizing the benefits of Nearbound.

With this new feature, you will: 

1. Configure which partners to sync to HubSpot: you can exclude partners from being synced to HubSpot. You can add tags to the partner tile on Reveal, then use these tags within HubSpot to select which partners will be shown to your team.

a product snapshot that show how to exclude partners from syncing in your CRM
How to exclude partners from syncing to your CRM

2. Request an intro: you can immediately send a request to the Partner Manager for a connection to that partner, and you’ll get notified by email whenever the account is added to their Reveal Partner pipeline. You will also have access to the common contacts with the partner through the button "Get Contacts".

A product snapshot that shows the request an intro button in your HubSpot CRM
Request an Intro button from your HubSpot widget

3. Identify Nearbound data: you can easily find Nearbound intel, such as partners who listed the company as a customer or partners who listed the company as an opportunity. 

a product snapshot that shows the partners that have an open oportunity
Example of partners who listed the company as an opportunity in the HubSpot Widget

Some Use Cases for Inspiration

Here are three examples of how you can use this new feature: 

  1. If your Sales reps are preparing for a demo with a potential customer, they definitely need to have Nearbound information like who the buyer is a customer of or open opportunities. This will help them to generate better content and outreach sequences after their demo.  
  2. With Nearbound data, your Customer Success Manager can identify the tech stack of their clients and make recommendations to increase adoption and make them more sticky
  3. If you’re finalizing legal requirements with a partner and do not want your greater revenue team to get access to the Reveal overlaps with them, you can use tags to exclude this partner from being visible to your team in the HubSpot widget whilst still having the overlap data available from your Reveal workspace. 

Key Benefits of the HubSpot x Reveal Integration 

To access Nearbound data in your HubSpot dashboard, you need to integrate Reveal with HubSpot. Doing so offers a multitude of benefits that revolutionize your customer and prospect insights. 

From comprehensive customer visibility and enhanced lead generation to personalized engagement and data-driven decision-making, the Reveal App amplifies the power of HubSpot, propelling your marketing, sales, and customer success efforts to new heights.

Here are some of the benefits of the App:

For Sales teams

  • Target outreach using partner insights and simple workflows
  • Customize your sales pitch based on Nearbound intel (like partner presence and tech stack)
  • Request information from Partner Managers to source deals with prospects
  • Get valuable intel that helps close open deals (35% faster!)
  • Ask for important introductions to key stakeholders in your prospect’s company

For Partnerships teams

  • Identify key partners to prioritize
  • Better communicate the impact of partnerships to the C-suite
  • Get your sales team to incorporate partner data in their day-to-day

For Marketing teams

  • Generate Nearbound Qualified Leads (NQLs)
  • Build hyper-targeted email campaigns
  • Better scored prospects for your Sales team 

For Customer Success teams

  • Improve retention by developing integrations on joint customers
  • Monitor low signals to prevent churn

For Product teams

  • Understand the TAM of your integrations and their adoption
  • Identify which partner products work best with yours

Ready to experience the game-changing capabilities of Reveal's HubSpot Widget? 

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