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What to consider when building a Partnership Team

Taylor Martin
July 30, 2021

In the B2B Tech world, the partner ecosystem is a hot topic. We’ve learned from companies like Microsoft, SAP, and Google that the “it takes a village” mentality is the future of revenue growth. One of the greatest struggles companies experience in addition to building their partner ecosystem is building their partner team to manage and expand that ecosystem. Here are some things to consider when establishing and growing your partner team. 

Metrics and KPI’s to consider

To hire the right candidate, you’ve got to know the metrics and key performance indicators you’ll be using to measure their success. These standards of measurement give you key insight into the ideal candidates and will help you prioritize the strengths and qualifications you’re looking for. 

Here are some KPIs to consider when building your partnership team:

  • Partner experience
  • Partner engagement
  • Partner profitability
  • Number of people trained
  • Partner satisfaction
  • Ecosystem Qualified Leads generated 

Qualities to consider

After checking the metrics, break them down into the type of qualities a person would have that ensure those KPIs and metrics are not only met, but surpassed. It helps if you organize them by priority. If you have a 3-6-9-12-18 month plan for your partner program, see which of the metrics will consistently help you hit your goals on the roadmap. Then, looking at those metrics, identify the qualities your candidates should have. For example: 

  • Good leadership skills
  • Complimentary compatibility (look for someone who is everything you’re not)
  • Reliability and commitment
  • Resilience
  • The Ability to Build Strong Relationships

These are only general qualities to consider. The ideal candidate’s qualities are to be reflective of the position available. Will the candidate be responsible for tech partnerships? Resellers? ISVs? What type of business will they be engaging with? What type of people will they be engaging with? 

Your ideal candidate is responsible for establishing and growing relationships rather than being a salesperson for your venture. However, they must also have the ability to identify partners that are going to drive revenue.  Do they have a fluid personality that can mold to fit that of the partners you’re trying to team with? These are just some of the qualities to consider as well when you’re building your Partner Ecosystem.


You need to have a team that brings different experiences and different perspectives to the table. If everyone is thinking the same way, creativity will be limited as will the growth of your pipeline and opportunities. To have the most agile team, you need one that is diverse. Each member of the team has a different viewpoint and may offer different skills, abilities, and experiences. With this diverse team of people, you must create a team culture and an inclusive partner ecosystem that’s understanding of each person.

If you find yourself struggling to find people to join your team, consider thinking outside of the box. Tap your marketing team, your sales team, but also tap product, and community. It’s not about where someone comes from, it’s about where they’re going and if they’ll take your partnership program to the next level. 

A partner should have a complete understanding of the business and the tools available to enable and empower the sales team. Their ability to grow and nurture relationships internally is as important and valuable as growing and nurturing external relationships.

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