Collaborative Growth
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What Is Collaborative Growth?

Taylor Martin
June 30, 2021

What is Collaborative Growth? 

Let’s start with the big question before we get into the granular details. What is Collaborative Growth? 

Collaborative Growth is the answer to all Revenue Professionals’ question, “How do I increase revenue growth for my company?” This software category opens the benefits of the partner ecosystem to Sales and Marketing leaders alongside their Partnership colleagues. By accessing the partner ecosystem, all Revenue Professionals can accelerate revenue growth through efficient and effective collaboration both B2B and interdepartmentally.  

Collaborative Growth differs from Ecosystem Management because of the scope of the functionality and the expansion of the audience that uses it. Ecosystem Management tools enable those who already have an ecosystem to manage it properly. Collaborative Growth is about building an ecosystem that will scale revenue growth. To put some social proof behind the differentiation, we’ll turn to the Channel influencer himself, Jay Mcbain of Forrester. In the 2021 Channel Software Tech Stack, Mcbain describes the function of Ecosystem Management as, “Manages the influence, transaction, and retention channels across the entire customer buying journey. It supports recruitment, attribution, account and partner mapping, enablement, collaboration, technology/API integrations, and overall ecosystem management covering all transacting/non transacting and traditional/nontraditional partners.” In summary, Ecosystem Management is a tool for Partnership Managers to navigate, manage, and work within their Partner Ecosystem.

On the other hand, Collaborative Growth is for Partnership Managers, but also Sales and Marketers. Collaborative Growth, unlike Ecosystem Management, includes Lead Generation, Sales enablement (not to be confused with Partner enablement), and Ecosystem expansion.

The Four Pillars of Collaborative Growth

Collaborative Growth puts ecosystems at the center of a company’s revenue strategy by providing four pillars of features which, you’ll see, encompasses Ecosystem Management, but goes much further. The four pillars are: 





These four pillars of Collaborative Growth are the North star for Reveal’s Product Roadmap. To be “on brand” with our belief that “Secrets don’t make friends,” and to give some context around what a Collaborative Growth platform does in reflection of these pillars, we’ll give a closer look into what we do (we don’t have competitors anyways):

  • Partner Suggestions: MATCH with the partners that have the most significant ability to impact your revenue in-app. 
  • Advanced Account Mapping features: UNCOVER all revenue opportunities with them instantly and in real-time. 
  • Ecosystem in All Workflows: ENABLE sales by embedding your ecosystem in your sales & marketing strategy,
  • Partner Source & Partner Influence: TRACK the ROI generated by your ecosystem through revenue-oriented metrics. 

Now that we know what it is and why it’s different, let's talk about who it is for and how they can use it. 

Why Collaborative Growth?

All Revenue professionals (Partnership Managers, Sales, Marketers) are struggling with targeting the right prospects. Even when they find them, the challenge to convert them into clients is more challenging. This doesn’t have to be the case. According to Reveal’s calculations, leads from your ecosystem have up to a 200% higher win rate. And, if you don’t believe us, according to Accenture, 81% of companies agree that ecosystems allow their organization to grow in ways otherwise not possible. We know what is possible from the ecosystem, our community members know what is possible, it’s time that you know what is possible. But, you already know that. That’s why you’re here. 

With a Collaborative Growth Platform, Revenue Professionals have the keys to the kingdom, the secret to success, and the yes to their please — all through the ecosystem. 

Partnership Managers can discover if existing partners share any connection to your target accounts and devise ways to leverage their influence. Discover new potential partners quickly with access to a bigger, better, and equally growth-hungry ecosystem.

Growth Marketers can identify qualified leads within their CRM based on your ecosystem’s insights, as well as generate qualified leads who haven’t made it into the CRM yet. That means better targeted messaging to an expanded audience. 

Sales Leaders can communicate with people interested and respond in correspondence because with more qualified ecosystem leads and better customer insights; you’re talking to the right people. 

We at Reveal created Collaborative Growth for all Revenue Professionals. We created the category because we felt limited by the definition of Ecosystem Management and inspired by how our entire community utilized our platform. We aspire to remove the walls within your company and between your partners. By removing these walls, the members of these departments, who we call Revenue Builders, can leverage the full potential of the ecosystem.

How to Leverage Account Mapping for Revenue Growth

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